Two baseball players with long careers with Chicago teams were officially elected into the Hall of Fame on Wednesday. 

Frank Thomas, who spent 16 of his 19 seasons in the MLB with the Chicago White Sox, received 83.7 percent of the vote. "The Big Hurt" is often referred to as the greatest right-handed hitter of the '90s and is praised for never being linked to steroid usage like many of the power hitters from the same era. 

While Greg Maddux spent his most notable years with the Atlanta Braves, he started his career with the Chicago Cubs in 1986. He won his first of four Cy Young awards with the team in 1992 and finished his career with a 355-227 win-loss record and 3.16 lifetime ERA.

This was the first year of Hall of Fame eligibility for both players. 

Source: Chicago Tribune, Chicagoist 

Photo credits: Getty Images