Former Nickelodeon actress and current trainwreck Amanda Bynes recently went on record with In Touch magazine to let people know that she's definitely not crazy.

“I have no clue [why people say I’m insane]. Every time I’ve heard it, it came from an ugly person’s mouth, so I don’t care.”

The 27 year old has been in the news a lot lately because of her erractic behavior which has included bizarre videos, publishing revealing photos of herself, and -- oh yeah -- crashing a gymnastics lesson at a center in NYC and bursting into tears when her wig fell off while she was doing a cartwheel. Still, Bynes swears people are lying about her actions. 

“The only ones lying about me having a mental illness are people I don’t talk to,” she told In Touch. 

Then the interview got a little...weird (shocker).

On the subject of friends, Bynes said, “I only have hot friends. They have my back until I die.”

Then came the part about her denial of reports that she smokes marijuana and said she doesn't drink because she's "allergic to alcohol."

Then she talked about her weight: “I’m getting in shape for all the photo shoots. I like being 100 pounds… 21 to go!”

Finally, Amanda wants you to know that despite the fact that she hasn't had a steady gig in years she definitely doesn't need money. Life is about passion for her.

“I’ll design clothes and sing because I want to, not because I need the money. I love singing and I can’t wait to start working on an album.”

So, yeah. Overall, totally normal. 

Source: In Touch