Earlier this week we recieved a Facebook message from listener JoAnna. She sent over a message on Facebook with this message that inlcuded a photo of these two men along with "This will be an awesome feel good story. :)"

So we contacted her friend in the photo and this is his story. What you hear next about these two Chicago men will inspire you!

Last weekend after his very first Chicago marathon, Enrique Tellez was driving home from his brother's house and saw this gentleman still trying to finish the Chicago marathon at 7:23pm, which was hours after the race has finished. Enrique stopped his car and asked the man if this was the case. The gentleman, Robert Palmer, was trying to finish his race & was looking for the finish line but it had been taken down. Enrique took out a pic of the actual Finish line banner that he took earlier in the day and Robert's smile was "priceless."

Robert continued to cross the area that was once the finish line while clean up crew members clapped and Enrique finished along side with him. The desire to finish what he had started was accomplished by Robert that day but he would be a finisher without a medal. Tellez wouldn't have that, so he handed over the medal he got eariler in the day. They then took a few photos for memories, exchanged hugs and went on their way.

Robert set out to accomplish a goal that day and he did it. Enrique runs for the memory of his father and brother & knew it was them that put him in the place to help Robert out.

"My Mother was with me in the car and her words after I did it just validated what I felt. She said 'That's what your Dad would've done and now you have earned 2 awards today, that of the medal you gave away and the act of helping others.' That was all I needed to hear."

A job well done by both, hats off to these very accomplished Chicagoans who's stories are sure to inspire!

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Photo Credit: Enrique Tellez