A 17-year-old high schooler from Columbia, Mo., was arrested on suspicion of a felony after she allegedly changed the name of one of the students at her high school's name to the word "masturbate" in the year book. 

Kaitlyn Booth (pictured) and the victim Raigan Mastain were both members of the yearbook committee. Booth's reasons for victimizing Mastain aren't known but Mastain assured that she "wasn't that upset" about the prank -- just "kind of annoyed." 

Apparently the two girls were not close and Mastain doesn't know why Booth chose her as the target. 

"I was disappointed, but I didn't know her well enough to be personally affected," Raigan said.

Booth was charged with felony property damage. The "joke" affected 720 yearbooks that totaled $41,000. Instead of having the books remade, the school decided to place stickers over the name instead -- a process that took 12 hours.

Source: Gawker