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Twitter Q&A: Ariana Grande

Twitter Q&A: Ariana Grande
Posted March 25th, 2013 @ 11:39am by Interview by Tracy Bratten

CLICK HERE to buy "The Way" ft. Mac Miller on iTunes

CLICK HERE to buy "The Way" ft. Mac Miller on iTunes

Ariana Grande is a triple threat. The 19-year-old actress/singer/dancer is perhaps best known as Cat Valentine, the character she plays on Nickelodeon's 'Victorious.' (Cat recently spawned her own spinoff, 'Sam & Cat,' which also features Sam from 'iCarly').

But Ariana Grande will soon be remembered for more than the role she plays onscreen: she'll be recognized for her incredible voice. Grande's debut single, "The Way" features Mac Miller and is available on iTunes now. The song went #1 on iTunes a mere 7 hours after being released.

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Ariana stopped by iHeartRadio recently, where she was kind enough to answer questions from fans #Arianators.

AG:Whitney Houston.

AG: I screamed so loud. I was a mess I was very excited and it was a moment I’ll never forget.

AG: I listen to “Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey almost every day.

AG: As of right now I think "The Way," but I think whatever is the single at the time is going to be my favorite because I get to make a story out of it and make a music video and it becomes very exciting.

AG: I use some foundation, I use mascara and I use Chanel lip gloss and Urban Decay eyeliner is my favorite.

AG: I would love to do that! I don’t know, I’m definitely better at music but down the line I feel like everybody does that and I feel like I have a very girly style that I would have a lot of fun with making clothes for my fans, it would be fun... super girly... Audrey Hepburn inspired, classic, girly, feminine, and floral.

AG: Hopefully, I mean I’d love to, I have to film the show right now, I’m doing "Sam & Cat" but after that I would love to.

AG: Cotton Candy and Strawberries tie. There’s no either or, they’re two very different things.

AG: I wouldn’t change anything because I believe that everything happens for a reason, even some huge mistakes I’ve made I think have happened because I needed to learn the lesson so I don’t want to change anything. 

AG: Aw that's really sweet. I don't really think that would... no. Our styles don’t really fit but thank you, I'm flattered that she likes the both of us because I think Avril is a great artist.

AG: I don’t know, the same thing I do every day. Just make music, go around I mean, nothing crazy… RUN AROUND NAKED and… no, I don’t know...I’d probably just not wear makeup. Yea, I’d probably just not wear makeup and walk around in massive sweat clothes.


Photos by Katherine Tyler

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