Columbia University published a new study from a group of researchers who investigated the negative effects of spanking children via data analysis of more than 1,500 families. The negative effects from spanking include likelihood to be more aggressive, and have a worse vocabulary than other children who had not been spanked. The study was made available via the journal Pediatrics.

The core of the study was children from 20 U.S. cities from birth to age 10 who were followed.

There have been other studies in the past confirming the connection between spanking, and aggressiveness but this Columbia study added a new factor in relating cognitive skills (vocabulary).

It is popular belief that parents, who were spanked in their childhood, would simply spank their own children due to the familiarity of the punishment.

It is debatable whether the study will provoke a called to action to minimize, or blatantly eliminate spanking as a practice in American homes due to the proven negative effect since it is currently a common practice.

Relevant source: LA Times’ Science Now

Photo: Luis Louro/Shutterstock