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He’s really good looking

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: if he’s hot there’s a 99% chance he’s a player straight out. While there are many beautiful, nice women who want relationships, good looking men are such a rarity that they enjoy a stratospheric quality of life with women throwing themselves at them 24/7. And why buy the cow when you get free milk delivered to your doorstep each morning?

He’s charming and confident

Although looks can certainly pave the way, a man does not need good looks to be swimming in women. A confident, charming personality can be just as much of an aphrodisiac. Also, this confidence could be a side-effect of experiencing a great deal of success with the opposite sex.

He’s flirtatious with you… but not only with you

As flattering as it is to receive attention from an attractive man, be wary. Watch how he acts around other women; if it’s the same he may be flirting with you because you have a vagina, rather than any genuine attraction to you.

He’s sketchy about past conquests

See the above example. If a man is getting defensive, he has something to hide.

He’s “on a break” with his girlfriend, or in an “open relationship”

This is BS. He’s cheating.

He tells you (directly or indirectly)

Telling you directly will look something like this:

“I don’t want a relationship”
 “I was with one of my f*@# buddies last night…”
 “I’m a player”

Telling you indirectly will look something like this:

“Some people from my school… they’ve been with their girlfriends since they were 16 or so… I just think “What’s the point?””
 “I mean… I’m 21…”
 “This girl I’m seeing now… if it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t… it’s no big deal.”

Take men as they are. Don’t try and rationalize.


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