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20 Reasons Why Having Huge Boobs Actually Really Sucks 
Apr. 22, 2014 By  Brooke Larson   info

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I have big boobs that are 100% natural. It sucks. Kate Upton once said, “I wish I had smaller boobs everyday of my life.” Well, I do too just like her.

1. Wearing a DD bra in 6th grade isn’t fun. Your boobs will be bigger than the average adult when all my friends are still wearing training bras. It will make you look so old 30-year-olds will think it is okay to hit on you.

2. Not finding out your actual real bra size for several years later because none of the stores know how to correctly measure a bra. You will be jammed into a DD USA bra when you really are closer to a ridiculous size that you had n . The tiny bras will cause damage to your breasts.

3. Now that you know your real size you have almost no options! It’s basically a high end department store or the internet! Have fun paying 100 bucks for one freakin’ bra that you will have to replace in six months because it will lose all of it’s support from the band.

 4. Still not being able to find sports bras in your cup size so you just go and buy 3XXL bras from Dick’s Sporting Goods and wear them over your actual bra. One of these bras will break and snap in your face while you are playing sports. You will quit the sport you play because it hurts too much.

5. To attempt to run when required, you will have to hold your breasts with your hands so they at least kind of don’t move.

6. Your doctor will tell you that you need a breast reduction at 15-years-old.

7. Your back will always somehow hurt, even if you are wearing the right size bra.

8. Good luck doing a pushup in high school gym class! Your boobs that stick out about a foot from your body are going to have some real fun.

9. In high school, you will be told you have the biggest boobs in the whole school. You will be given a nickname that involves boobs.

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