KATY PERRY has a campy new spot/mini-movie for Popchips (which she endorses), featuring Katy in a catsuit, naturally, and the "Popcats".  It's kind of a play on "Josie and the Pussycats."  It's cute... and Katy looks fab as usual.

A photographer got too close to PINK while she was changing her daughter's diaper, so Pink's husband CAREY HART and a friend confronted the guy.  Carey's friend stomped on the man's foot and kicked his camera to the ground.  He may have also kneed him the groin.  The cops came, but Carey and his friend didn't get into any trouble.  WHO THE EFF takes a pic of a little girl getting her diaper changed?!?! SICK F*****!!!

TLC is launching a "watch 'n sniff" stunt that corresponds to the second season premiere of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" next month.  They're distributing scented cards, which will allow fans to SMELL some of the things they're seeing in the episode.  Ummm... Does anyone know what white trash smells like?  Sh*t and mayonaise?

Photo cred: GETTY