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Whats Trending – Lolla did a ton of damage! New words added to the dictionary!

Celebrity Sleaze – Miley is the worst hotel guest ever! Kendra and Hank Basket hosted a fake BBQ for reality tv because drama is necessary. A Brittany Murphy biopic?

Real or Fake – Can you guess if the news story is legit or bogus?

Radio Blogs – Angi thinks her scale is broken… Fred admits that he knows nothing about Fantasy Football

Name that Tune Karaoke – Fred and Angi sing some classics and liseners try and guess which songs they are

What is your best BAD joke? – Do you have a “go to” bad joke? Let’s hear it!

It Feels Good – Stories to make your day even better!

Word of the day – Angi has your word of the day to use!

Waiting By The Phone – Find out why Doug didn’t call Brittany back

Would you survive on an island with your spouse? With a new reality show craze, think you could spend an entire week or 21 days alone with your spouse would work out?