In Case You Missed It!


We had a VERY busy show today! If you missed anything, we've got it all posted right here!!!

What’s Trending – Martellus Bennett returns to practice after being suspended, Chicago area team advances to the Little League World Series, Tony Stewart kills driver, Aunt Jemima’s family files lawsuit.
Celebrity Sleaze – Michael Jackson’s maids tell all, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian’s house in the Hamptons robbed, Idris Elba’s bulge, and Kim Kardashian’s book of selfies.
Waiting by the Phone – Todd wants to know why he never heard back from Darren.
Radio Blogs – Angi’s experience at the Katy Perry concert, and Fred’s experience speaking at a recent radio conference.
Heads Up – Charlene and Carl battle it out for the chance to win.
Wedding Snub - How to explain to someone why they weren’t invited to your wedding.
Feels Good – Former soldier reuniting families with lost war medals around the country, and a 32 year old former Navy Seal and student at Northwestern is trying to gain a spot on the school’s football team.
Word of the Day – Angi enlightens us with a lesson in vocabulary.
Love Letters to Angi – A girl in a long distance texting-only relationship wants to meet in person and needs Angi’s expert advice.