In case you missed anything from today's show, you can catch it all right here.

What’s Trending – Robin Williams death, a petition to get Weird Al to play at the Super Bowl, no criminal charges to be filed against Tony Stewart, and a mother who won’t stop using medical marijuana while breastfeeding.
Celebrity Sleaze – Paris Hilton makes an INSANE amount of money to DJ, a drive by on the set of the upcoming movie about N.W.A., Robin Williams’ last post on Instagram, and the trailer for the ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off, ‘Better Call Saul’.
Real or Fake – Today’s contestants, Cesar, Maggie, and John all try and decide which stories are real and which ones are fake.
Radio Blogs – Angi learns what kind of friend her daughter will grow up to be, and Fred meets a fan as he leaves Target with an interesting item in his bag.
Love Hurts – Songs or bands that are completely ruined because of an ex.
Is it Cheating…? – Fred & Angi go back and forth about what is considered cheating and what is acceptable in relationships.
Never Borrow- A list of items that you should never loan out to people or borrow from others.
It Feels Good – A 7 year old boy with a heart defect lives out his dream of being a police sergeant for a day, and a captain with the NYPD attends the wedding of a girl whose life he saved 20 years ago.
Word of the Day – Angi’s urban dictionary word of the day.
Stuff From Around the Web– Songs that get you pumped up, and a mother in Texas who changed her baby’s dirty diaper at the table in a restaurant.