My Block My Hood My City's First Annual Hoodie Ball

South Shore Cultural Center

Hoodies get a bad rep but My Block My Hood My City are changing the narrative. Hoodies have been instrumental to the work here at My Block My Hood My City.

The hoodie ball is a celebration of identity and diversity. They are inviting you to come out to join them at the event and wear a hoodie that shows off the city, college, sexual orientation, sports team, workplace, nonprofit, etc from the causes and communities that you identify with or support.

This event will provide an opportunity for members of diverse communities to come together to eat, drink, dance, listen to music, network and enjoy a good time together.

They will have a hoodie contest with grand prizes for the best hoodies, a hoodie ice sculpture and a hoodie making machine to customize hoodies. The funds raised from the event will support their programing as well as other local organizations and businesses.