Pop-Up Job Fair This Weekend

This Saturday, the Schultz Family Foundation and educational non-profit Get Schooled will be launching JobLaunch, a new website with more than 12,000 jobs and career resources exclusively for disconnected youth in Chicago. JobLaunch is part of an initiative that has already hired over 200,000 disconnected youth, and works directly with more than 50 top employers, including Starbucks, Chipotle, Macy’s, and Five Guys, who want to hire them. What makes JobLaunch so unique is that it goes to where young people are – physically in their communities, on-line, through social, and in text – to support them in connecting with opportunities that will set them on a meaningful path.

To kick things off this Saturday, JobLaunch is going to be heading over to the Southside via tour bus to invite young people to participate in a “pop-up” scavenger hunt with each stage modeling the steps of landing a breakthrough job opportunity. Prizes will be unlocked at each stage that will help give young people that job interview confidence boost -- whether it’s a free coffee to get charged up, a free meal before a big interview or a wardrobe upgrade so they look and feel their best.

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