The Best Moments from Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance Lifetime Movie

OMG...why am I so obsessed with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? Is anyone else with me on this? Last night was the premiere of Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance, the Lifetime movie. I absolutely loved it. It was so cheesy, but it made me so happy. I thought the actors were pretty spot on too. Some of my favorite moments were the ones that might not be real.  Lol. Like when Meghan was reading The Crown and Harry was watching Suits in between the time of their first and second dates. I also loved when they showed the moments Harry was hanging out at Meghan's house. I wonder what that was actually like. My absolute favorite, though, was the last scene when they were in the car and then they cut to real footage of Meghan and Harry getting out of the car in real life. To read more on some of the best moments, click HERE! Also, HERE'S a list of things that are and aren't true from the movie! By the way, I'm hosting a Royal Wedding Viewing party that benefits a great cause. If you want to join me, click HERE!

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