Man Tweets to Find Person Who Saved Him from Drowning at North Ave. Beach

This story is scary, but has a happy ending. D'Marié O'Connor was swimming with friends at North Avenue Beach on Memorial Day. He admitted he had a bit too much to drink so when he jumped in the water he was having issues swimming. His friends looked on, laughed and took Snaps as he was trying to swim back to shore. A stranger, Max, saw what was happening and jumped in to save D'Marié. D'Marié simply thanked his rescuer and the two snapped a quick photo. The next day, D'Marié decided that wasn't enough. He wanted to take Max for a drink to show his appreciation. He started the hashtag #FindMax. The tweet was retweeted several times and D'Marié was able to connect with Max Canfield! The two are reportedly going to go for brunch soon. Read more about this story HERE!



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