See the 20 Most-Filmed Locations in Illinois

A new list has come out that has the most 20 filmed location in all of Illinois. By the way, Illinois is the fifth most filmed state in the US. Here's the top 10 according to this list from the Chicago Tribune:

1. Wrigley Field (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)

2. Northwestern University (my alma mater! Major League, Road to Perdition)

3. The Loop (The Dark Knight, Batman Begins)

4. Grant Park (The Break-Up)

5. O'Hare International Airport (Home Alone, Risky Business)

6. University of Chicago (When Harry Met Sally)

7. Wicker Park (High Fidelity)

8. Millennium Park (The Vow)

9. United Center (Space Jam, The Dilemma)

10. Green Mill Cocktail Lounge (Ocean's Twelve, The Lake House)

To see the rest of the top 20 locations click HERE!

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