Ten Chicago Hot Dogs Named Best in the US

A new list has come out from the Daily Meal with America's 75 best hot dogs. Ten Chicago spots made the list! Do you agree with the below? And to see all the hotdogs on the list...click HERE!

Number 65: Mustard's Last Stand (Evanston)

Number 41: Murphy's Red Hots (Chicago)

Number 39: Weiner's Circle (Chicago)

Number 38: Vienna Beef Factory (Chicago)

Number 36: Gold Coast Dogs (Chicago)

Number 24: Gene and Jude's (River Grove)

Number 20: Jimmy's Red Hots (Chicago)

Number 14: Portillo's (Chicago)

Number 13: Fat Johnnie's Famous Red Hots (Chicago)

Number 3: Superdawg (Chicago)

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