Cardi B Gets Free Chipotle For Life

Cardi B will be getting free guacamole and chips from Chipotle for life! Cardi documented the surprise on Instagram showing all the vouchers the fast food chain sent to her. As for why they did it? It all has to do with Cardi's verse in J. Lo's song "Dinero" where she raps about wanting “chips, guac and queso.” A rep for the Chipotle said,

“We love surprising and delighting our fans, famous or not famous, when we see the right opportunity to make their day in a genuine way. So, when we heard Cardi B’s lyrics in the song ‘Dinero’ about just wanting that chips, guac and queso, it obviously resonated with us. We also think that guac is the best kind of green around, so we thought it would be fun to fill a Pelican case with free chips and guac cards to set her up for a very, very long time."

Must be nice! 



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