Tristan Thompson Makes Sweet Comment on Khloe's Insta, Fans Tear Him Apart

Tristan Thompson made a very sweet comment on Khloe Kardashian's Instagram, but fans weren't having it. Khloe posted a generic photo of waves crashing against the beach with the caption "Take me please." Tristan then went into her comments and said, "Where do you wanna go my love?" Khloe fans saw this and they didn't like it one bit! Of course it was revealed Tristan cheated on Khloe a few months ago so some of the comments fans made included:

  • "To a marriage counselor"
  • "Far far away from you"
  • "Where the faithful men at"
  • "Probably away from him"
  • "Faithful island"
  • "Somewhere where you don't take her granted"

Woahhhh. I will admit, some of these are pretty funny. Lol. To read more about this story you can click HERE! Also, see the Instagram post below.

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