Angelina Jolie Denies Divorce Lawyer is Quitting

Word had it Angelina Jolie's divorce lawyer is quitting because the divorce proceedings with Brad Pitt have been so hostile. However, Angelina denied the claims yesterday. According to sources, Angelina is reportedly "out for blood" and wants Brad to have no relationship with their kids. Her current divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, has reportedly told Angelina she wants to quit because she's big on divorce settlements and co-parenting. Seems the actress has already decided on another law firm to take over once Wasser leaves. But according to Mindy Nyby, a rep for Angelina, these claims aren't true. Here's what one report had to say:

“'I’ve spoken directly to Laura,” Nyby told People. “The TMZ story is not true. She’s not quitting now or in the future.' However, another insider told People that something is shifting in Jolie’s strategy in how to separate herself once and for all from Pitt, her husband of two years and her lover for more than 10 years. The insider said Jolie has indeed hired a new law firm because the case is 'entering a new phase.' However, both Nyby and the insider insisted that the new lawyers won’t replace Wasser, who will will continue to represent Jolie."

 You can read the original report HERE and get more on Angelina's denial HERE!



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