Nicki Minaj Blames Kylie Jenner & Stormi For Her #2 Album

Nicki Minaj is going OFF on Twitter after Billboard released that she had the #2 album of last week. 

Nicki debuted at #2 with “Queen” just behind Travis Scott’s album “Astroworld”’s 2nd week on the chart. 

The “Bed” singer went on a twitter tyraid blaming Kylie Jenner and Kylie & Travis’ daughter Stormi for her #2 debut. 

Nicki thinks Travis is “cheating” by using Kylie to make people interested in his album. She even claims that Travis sold 50,000 albums off of just 1 of Kylie’s recent Instagram posts. 

She closes the rant out by claiming that Travis knows he does not have a #1 album this week. 

Check out some of the Nicki meltdown Tweets below:

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