Sister Jean Turns 99 Today

Sister Jean, Loyola's basketball team chaplain, celebrated her 99th birthday today with a party on campus.  She became a celebrity during the school's Final Four run this spring. Many school staffers and students attended the celebration. According the Chicago Sun-Times, Sister Jean had three pieces of advice to offer on her big day:

1. Follow your dreams

“I tell … young men and women, if you have a dream, don’t let anyone scrunch it,” Sister Jean said. “Because if you don’t follow that dream, you’ll never be happy in your life. You have to follow it. Everybody has to follow a dream, even though it’s a small one, it has to be a dream.

“Nothing’s too hard if you put your heart and soul into it.”

2. Be yourself

“Be yourself, accept the challenges that are given to you and you do that,” Sister Jean said.

3. Don’t get frustrated

“You don’t have time to pout, you don’t have time to be angry,” Sister Jean said. “And sometimes when I get angry, I say, ‘What’s the use of being angry?'”

What could Sister Jean possibly get angry about?

“When people don’t do well and they can do better,” she said. “Sometimes I tell young men and women that: ‘You’re not using the talents God has given you. He’s given you lots of gifts. Just open that Pandora’s box and use them.'”

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