Chicago Only 1of 2 US Cities To Win THIS Honor

Every year a slew of polls and results are revealed ruling which cities truly are "the best in the US" or in this case, best in the WORLD. Timeout magazine surveyed 15,000 city-goers to determine the best cities to not only live but also explore. No surprise here, but I'm biased, Chicago tops off the 32-city roster with the No. 1 spot. From Singapore to San Fran and Madrid to Montreal - Chicago my friends is NUMBER 1! 

The Windy City is only one of two US cities that made the Top 5 list and one of nine US cities that even made the list at all. New York ranked in at No. 3 behind Chicago's runner-up, Porto, Portugal. 

Rounding out the Top 5 is No. 4, Melbourne. 

No. 5 goes to London. But, London also carries the lowest liveability score due to the stress level residents experience along with having the longest commute time in Europe.

Surprisingly, only 7 other cities besides Chicago and New York made the cut this year. So what other cities are worth visiting or relocating to? 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania lives at the 9th spot because of its affordability but when people were asked how they felt about the city once financials were taken out of the equation it scored badly. 

In the Top 15, you'll only see Austin, Texas at No. 13. But when it comes to live music the city holds the No. 1 spot and 2nd for bar life. It did, however, score badly when it came to public transportation if that factors into your relocation factors. 

Known for the high price tag that comes along with its zip code, San Francisco comes it at No. 17. Fun fact, Timeout also found that people who reside here take more holidays than anywhere else in the US and eat more brunch. I like what I'm hearing. 

Three spots behind San Fran, the entertainment capital of the world that is Los Angeles at No. 20. It's also the cocktail capital of the world but was founded to have the most anxious people in the world. If you're looking to make the move solo, I'd rethink that too, it was founded to be the most difficult city in the US to make new friends in. 

US cities that also made the list are:

No. 23 - Washington D.C.but the city scored very low for affordability and eating. Interesting, this city has the highest dating app use rate. Call it a Tinder hotbed, sort of speak. 

No. 27 - Miami which is also known for its above average nightlife and charisma but fell very low in the public transportation rankings. 

No. 30 - Boston... despite having low ratings when it came to bars, nightlife, affordability, live music, and culture, it is the safest city in the US. 

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