Five Illinois Spots Have the Best Burritos in America

Five spots in Illinois have been named as having the top burritos in America. According the ranking from The Daily Meal, "the top 50 ranking - based on criteria that included, fresh ingredients, meat and add-on options, customizability, and critic reviews – included three Chicago locations, one suburban eatery and a central Illinois restaurant."

Here are the five rankings below:

11. Asada burrito at Maize Mexican Grill in Champaign

12. Carne Asada burrito at L’Patron in Chicago

32. The Super Lomo burrito at La Pasadita in Chicago 

42. Steak burrito at El Burrito Mexicano in Lisle

45. Chorizo burrito at Irazu in Chicago

Do you agree with these? You can read the entire list HERE!



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