This is Why Your Allergies Have Been So Bad Recently

Doctors are revealing why your allergies have been so bad this past week. It's not your imagination! Here's what one report has to say from NBC:

"Pollen, ragweed, and mold have all been on the rise in recent weeks, and the constantly fluctuating temperatures aren’t helping anyone find relief. People have complained about stuffiness, a runny nose, and puffy eyes, and Dr. Peters has the scoop on why things have been so tough lately. 'Ragweed is very high,” she said. 'It typically starts getting high in the Midwest in early July and August, and it peaks around Labor Day.' She suggests avoiding the outdoors when temperatures spike, but she also has other tips, including changing clothes and taking showers after spending time outdoors to ensure that allergens aren’t still in your clothes or hair."

If you want to go outside, doctors also recommend going out later in the afternoon as pollen count is higher in the morning. You can read more about this HERE!



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