Backpacks Are Becoming a Problem on the "L"

According to a new article, backpacks are becoming a problem on "L" trains now that school is back in session. According to the Chicago Tribune, people are unaware how much space their backpacks take up. Also, there are no announcements on the train to suggest how to properly handle a large backpack. Here's more:

"...the problem of the Giant Backpack is about to get worse, as school is starting again, more development is putting more riders on already busy lines, and professionals are increasingly using backpacks instead of briefcases or purses. There also seems to be lack of awareness — otherwise polite riders who might give a seat to a senior don’t realize the impact of their bags." 

Here's more from the Tribune:

"CTA spokesman Brian Steele said that taking off a backpack and putting it in front of you, close to your body, almost always takes up less space than wearing it on your back. Having your bag in front of you or between your feet can also make it less vulnerable to theft. But the only place where the CTA reminds customers to keep bags on their laps or between their feet is on its website — something hard to point to on a crowded train."

I like my backpack, but I do worry when I wear it on the "L." What do you wear when riding public transportation around town?



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