Everyday Foods You Wouldn't Guess Cause Bloating

Let's be real as a female, even as a male, stomach bloating is the probably one of the worst things to deal with. It's even more frustrating not knowing what causes this unwanted symptom. Thanks to Women's Health, they've found the top 5 everyday foods you might be consuming that are to blame.

Brace yourself, a few of your favorite foods might have made the list. 

1. Sugar-Free Gum

According to R.D., Ashvini Mashru, sugar-alcohol is the culprit here. I was just as unaware of how much chaos sugar alcohol can cause on our systems as you. Did you know that sugar alcohols are a form of carbohydrates? A form that apparently are not very well digested in return causing bloating, cramps, pain, and/or diarrhea.

2. Coffee

This was a real dagger to read, coffee is basically its own food group in my world. Here's why your favorite drink can cause swelling - due to the acidity of coffee if you already have a sensitive stomach drinking this caffeine-filled drink can cause almost instant irritation to your stomach lining. 

3. Sparkling Water

Bad news bears for the LaCroix lovers out there. The cause here is simple, the bubbles. Drinking too much of sparkling water dilutes the digestive juices in your gut. Between this and the carbonation, it can wreak havoc on your belly causing to bloat like a balloon. Doesn't sound fun at all. 

4. Big Salads 

This was another very surprising find. R.D., Cynthia Sass points to the volume of salad as the first issue. This might be a little confusing because if you're anything like myself then you might have this preconceived notion that maybe if you ate enough salads you'd drop a jean size, or two.

 So how could this healthy option possibly cause bloating? The volume of a salad takes up more space in your stomach causing it to expand more than a compact meal, regardless of the calorie intake. 

5. Popcorn 

Another dagger, Skinny-Pop was my go-to low-cal snack in college. Similar to the problem with big salads, the volume is once again the issue here. According to R.D., Cynthia Sass, "One serving is three to four cups, the size of three to four tennis balls. That large portion only packs about the same amount of carbs as one slice of bread, but it's going to take up a lot more space in your stomach.”

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