Chicago Didn't Make This List of Best Pizzerias

In a new list from TripAdvisor, Chicago wasn't named as one of the top pizza spots in the country. What?! According to the new study, Regina Pizza in Boston was named as the top spot. Here's more:

"So what exactly was the 'methodology' behind this list? TripAdvisor said it based the top 10 on millions of reviews and opinions from TripAdvisor diners, taking into account both the quality and quantity of the reviews. The list gave more weight to reviews from within the past year."

Here are more of the pizzerias that made the list:

"Second place went to Bleecker Street Pizza in New York City, and third went to Modern Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut. Other perplexing list-makers included spots in Anchorage, Alaska; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and not one, but two Nashville pizzerias."

How did Chicago not make it at all?! Are you upset about this?



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