Old Beanie Babies Wanted For $500,000!

If you grew up in the 90's then you remember the obsession with Beanie Babies! All those small plush size dolls that as you got older you told your mom were dust collectors. Well, now they've turned into actual collectors items. 

Time to dig through all those old dolls because a whole list of them are being sold for prices that range between $20,000 - $680,000! You could be on your way to a pretty nice pay day. Check out the Beanie Babies that are bringing in the cash stacks. 

1. Mr. "Large" Wallace and his Squad sit at the top of the list which makes sense since their being sold for $680,000.00! 

2. Princess Bear 

Because well, every "princess" is expensive and this particular one could score you $675,000.00! When first made, this bear was dedicated to Princess Diana and is apparently EXTREMELY rare. 

3. "Large" Ariel and 9" friends, Issy, Ariel, and Peanut

I hope you hung onto this one because Ariel and friends are going for $578,000.00! Easiest pay day, EVER. 

4. 15-inch Peace bear and 9-inch Peace, Ringo and Bones

This 70's inspired bear is sure to bring you extra groovy vibes when she adds $358,000.00 to your bank account. 

5. Bubbles

The only "non-bear" to grace the top of the list but if fishy's were more your thing then you're in luck. The navy and yellow striped animal is clocking in at $176,000.00. With that kind of money you could buy 10 aquariums full of real fish. 

For the complete list of the other 15 Beanie Babies that can make you rich, click here.

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