Kardashians Terrified Over Tell All Book Release

It seems like not many things shake the untouchable Kardashian clan, but one thing has the family of seven thoroughly worried these days. Khloe Kardashian's former hubby, Lamar Odom is getting real with you and sharing everything from his downward spiral with drug addiction to every behind the scenes experience he encountered while apart of the Kardashian clan. 

The book is expected to be published in early 2019 and it reportedly has the Kardashians absolutely terrified. So much so that apparently Kris Jenner has already offered the former NBA star money to not release the book. 

Lamar told US Weekly, 

“I just want to put his truth out there because there have been so many lies written about me. I just want to set the record straight. It shouldn’t be considered a hit against Khloé or the Kardashians. There might be some things in the book that the family doesn’t want out there, but I'm not doing this to hurt them. I'm happy for Khloé, but it’s bittersweet because even after all this time, I still love her. But I recognize that she had no other choice but to move on.”

Sorry Kris, doesn't look like you can buy yourself out of this one. 

A source close to Odom said, “Lamar doesn’t just know Khloé’s darkest secrets. He could write hundreds of pages on the dirt he has on Kris, Kim, Kourtney, and Rob, too." 

Not going to lie, I'm gonna be first in line for this book.