Pilots' Dramatic Plane Landing at Chicago Airport Caught on Video

Two pilots on their way to Wisconsin had to make an emergency landing at a Chicago-area airport after the plane's nose gear malfunctioned.  Here's more from WGN:

"Vartan Seferian was piloting the Cessna, climbing just above 2,000 feet when he tried to put the front landing ear up and 'heard a pop.' With more than 30 years of experience between them, both pilots knew the sound was unusual. Vartan quickly figured out it was the gear, 'we tried to troubleshoot it,' passenger Howard Norber said. After realizing the extent of the problem, they knew they would need to land. Seferian said the 'tower was amazing' as they connected with air traffic control at Chicago Executive Airport and worked to troubleshoot the situation. He decided to fly around the airport and burn some fuel before attempting to land."

Wow, most of the landing was caught on video. Take a look!