Chicago Named One of the Top Party Cities in the US

Chicago has been named the number two party city in the US according to new data from Evite. Here's more from ABC:

"New data by Evite places Chicago as the world's number-two party city. Last year it ranked number three. According to Evite, top party cities are defined by the number of Evite events planned in each city across the United States over the past 12 months.Chicago had 62.7 thousand events in 2018. That's an increase of 21.8 percent from 2017. Additionally, Chicago is considered one of the more friendly cities with 74 percent of hosts offering guests to bring along plus-ones as an option."

I love that we're more friendly when it comes to guest options. Haha. Some popular themes this year included unicorns, florals and Paw Patrol. Here are the top ten party cities below:

1. Houston - 70k events
2. Chicago - 62.7k events
3. Austin - 55.8k events
4. San Diego - 52.2k events
5. Los Angeles - 50k events
6. Atlanta - 47k events
7. New York- 42.4k events
8. San Jose - 41.1k events
9. Dallas - 40k events
10. Seattle - 38.1k events