Jimmy Kimmel Picks Bachelor Winner

This past week the new season of "The Bachelor"aired on ABC7 starring the new eye-candy of Monday night television, Colton Underwood. 

Though most of America has been poking fun at the former NFL-player for being a virgin, that did not seem to bother any of the 30 potential prospects we met. The season premiere is possibly the most entertaining episode of the season when you take into account how bizarre some of the women's entrances have become. 

I mean one girl thought it'd be funny to dress up as a sloth and walk in EXTREMELY slow motion as well as talk in slow motion since Colton like to "take things slow." Honestly, it was more annoying than anything. But sadly the sloths time ended before we really got to know her since she did not receive a rose and was sent home. 

Jimmy Kimmel is breaking all the highlights down for you just in case you missed one of the biggest season premieres, EVER! He's giving you his Top 4, Top 2, and then who exactly will win! 

Who do you think it will be?

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