'The Bachelor' Colton Underwood Did a Song With O-Town For a Great Cause

O-Town wrote a fundraising song for Colton Underwood's cystic fibrosis charity and he even sings on the track! Here's more from Entertainment Weekly:

If this news has you scratching your head, here’s a brief explanation of how the collaboration came to be: It all began when Underwood met O-Town member Jacob Underwood (yes, they have the same last name) at a charity dodgeball event, when Colton was a player for the San Diego Chargers. The former linebacker asked the boy band member to write him a fundraising song for his cystic fibrosis charity, the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation. The resulting song, “Hello World,” wound up being recorded by the band alongside Underwood, and here we are.

I'm obsessed...and the song is good too! Take a listen to it below. What are your thoughts?