A New Study Says the Time You Wake Up Says a Lot About You

A new study says early birds and night owls are not only different because of the time they get up, but they are also different for lots of other reasons you may not expect. Here's more from the Good News Network:

"A look into the sleep habits of 2,000 Americans revealed some interesting differences between those who stay up late and those who rise early—from their personality traits to their hobbies, and even their beliefs."

Look at some of the differences the study below found. Would you agree with these?

11 Traits of Early Birds
  1. Sleep seven hours a night
  2. More likely to be married
  3. Average income: $42 thousand – $4,000 more than night owls
  4. More likely to work in an office and always be late for work
  5. More likely to use Facebook
  6. More likely to have high-quality sleep
  7. Describe themselves as clean, confident, energetic, friendly, happy, organized and sociable
  8. Hobbies include cooking, walking/hiking, playing sports and exercising at the gym
  9. More likely to believe in love at first sight and have tried online dating
  10. More likely to talk, snore and move around in their sleep
  11. Wake up at 6:15 a.m.
11 Traits of Night Owls
  1. Sleep six hours a night
  2. Have sex twice a week; more likely to be single
  3. Average income: $38 thousand – $4,000 less than early birds
  4. Less likely to work in an office
  5. More likely to use Instagram
  6. More likely to have trouble falling asleep
  7. Describe themselves as perfectionists, sarcastic and shy
  8. Hobbies include reading and sleeping
  9. More likely to believe in ghosts and cryptids (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc.)
  10. More likely to prefer sleeping with pets on the bed
  11. Go to bed at 2:55 a.m.