Cardi B Files Trademark for Her Catchphrase 'Okurrr'

Cardi B has filed a trademark for her catchphrase 'okurrr' so she can use it on an upcoming line of products. Here's more from Rolling Stone:

Cardi Bis laying legal claim to her signature phrase “Okurrr.” The rapper has officially filed anapplicationto trademark the word/sound via her company Washpoppin, Inc. The trademark would mostly cover merchandise, which separate filings made for paper goods (like paper cups and posters) and clothing.

According to the filing, the clothing trademark would cover “T-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, pants, shorts, jackets, footwear, headgear, namely hats and caps, blouses, bodysuits, dresses, jumpsuits, leggings, shirts, sweaters and undergarments.” The rapper also submitted an application that covers the misspelled use of the word: “Okurr.”

Cardi has thought of everything! Will you be buying things from her 'Okurrr' product line?