A Chicago Hotel is Selling a $50 Hotdog

Chicago's Omni Hotel is offering a hotdog that costs $50 and comes with shaved wagyu beef, foie gras mousse and shaved black truffles. Here's more from ABC:

The wild wagyu beef wiener sounds tasty on its own. But a series of high-end toppings make the fancy frank stand out even more (you better believe ketchup isn't one of them):

-Foie gras mousse

-Shaved black truffles

-12 day-fermented garlic turned into a black garlic aioli

-Shaved wagyu beef

-Microgreens grown hydroponically in-house

-Whiskey-caramalized onions

-"Fleur de sel," aka fancy French sea salt

To ease the pains on your wallet, the dish does come with a cocktail--complete with a "W" flag ice cube. You also get a side of fries, naturally topped with a seasoning created with (you guessed it) rendered wagyu fat.