Kylie Jenner Threw Travis Scott a Gas Station-Themed Birthday Party

Travis Scott turned 28-years-old on April 30th and Kylie Jenner threw him a gas station-themed birthday party complete with Slurpee machine and tattoo station. Here are more details from Elite Daily:

The party appears to have been gas station-themed. Yeah... all of the decorations made the party look like the interior of a gas station or 7/11, Hennessy slurpees included. The gas station was called "Cactus Jack Gas Station," which is apparently a shoutout to Scott's newCactus JackAir Jordan sneakers. Also included in the decorations as a shoutout to the rapper's new collaboration were legs sticking out of walls (?), shoes hanging from trees, a tattoo station (at which Jenner and Scott both got new tattoos), and a giant birthday cake shaped like a sneaker.

Cosmo noted some other features as well:

Not only did guests enter the party through a spinning elevator that freaked Kim Kardashian out, they were greeted by Travis Scott branded store merchandise, a Nike Slurpee machine, a moving sidewalk thingy to take pictures on, shoes inexplicably hanging from trees, and a tattoo station. And yes, you better believe Kylie got a new tattoo.

You've got to see some of the posts and videos from the party below: