What Would You Do For a Year of Good Sleep?

A new study reveals what people would do to get a year of perfect sleep. I would definitely give up alcohol and new clothes I think. What would you give up? Any of the below? The Good News Network laid it all out:

What price would you pay for a year of perfect sleep? Well, one in four people would break out the clippers and shave their heads, according to a new survey.

A quarter of people say they would exclusively eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch – and another 22% said they’d only shower once a week if it meant they could have 365 nights of blissful rest.

The survey, which was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of sleep supplement brand ZzzQuil, asked 2,000 Americans what makes for a good night’s sleep and how far they’d be willing to go to get it.

17% of participants would apparently be happy to stub their toe every morning when they woke up. 14% say they would go to jail for a week.

Some people say they would be willing to cut out alcohol (34%), reality TV (33%) and sports (26%), all in the name of catching shut-eye. About one in four would even give up social media or coffee.

Some of the less popular sacrifices include 24% of people reporting they would give up chocolate and 18% would live without a cell phone.


Alcohol – 34%

Reality TV – 33%

Sports – 26%

Social media – 26%

Coffee – 25%

Eating out – 24%

Chocolate – 24%

Vacation – 22%

Makeup – 21%

New clothes – 21%

Hair removal – 18%

Cellphone – 18%