Did You Know Your Sunglasses Could Expire?

Sunglasses can expire! Did you have any idea? I didn't. Here's more according to ABC:

The sunglasses you're wearing every day may have expired, especially if you've had them for more than two years. That's the typical expiration.

ABC13's Chelsey Hernandez spoke with a retina surgeon on how you can test your sunglasses at home and what to look for when you buy.

"What people don't realize is that prolonged exposure of sunglasses to UV Rays from the sun will actually damage the coating of the UV protection," said Retina Surgeon Dr. Shawn Kavoussi with the Berkeley Eye Center.

So how can you test them to see if they've expired?

There's actually a great way to test them at home. You can order a UV flashlight Amazon and shine that against a $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 bill. When the watermark from the bill lights up, put the sunglasses in front of it. If it disappears, then you'll know your sunglasses are still working.

This seems like a lot of effort and I probably won't ever check, but at least you have the info!