Would You Wear a 'Towelkini'?

A conceptual designer based out of New York has come up with the concept of a 'Towelkini' so you don't have to bring a towel to the beach. Here's what Fox Chicago said:

Are you tired of stuffing a towel into your bag as you head out the beach? Does it take forever to lay it out, especially when there’s a breeze? Then try on a "Towelkini."

The Towelkini was created by Aria McManus, a conceptual designer based in New York. The terrycloth item is similar to wearing a cover-up with holes for your head and legs, but you can also lay out on it like you would a regular towel.

It comes in hot pink, gold and lime green for a cool $199. But it’s only sold at Special Special, an art and design brand, exhibition space and retail concept store in New York's East Village.

.I can't imagine this taking off, but I'm sure there are people who prefer efficiency over aesthetic that would love this.