Lady Gaga's Ex Likes Irina Shayk's Picture on Instagram

Fans who follow Bradley Cooper's ex Irina Shayk on Instagram noticed that Lady Gaga's ex Christian Carino liked a photo of hers. What is going on?? However, I recently went on Irina's page and it seems he unliked the photo. He still follows her though. I don't know what to make of all of it! Maybe it means nothing or maybe it's his subtle way of showing her support after her breakup with Bradley. Either way, here's more:

According to a report from The Blast, Carino — Gaga's agent and former fiancé— saw a pic of Shayk on her post-breakup vacay and decided to double tap.

There's no reason to read too much into this particular "like." For one thing, it's not as if Carino and Shayk don't know each other: They mostly likely spent plenty of time as Cooper and Gaga's plus ones during promotion of A Star Is Born.