Uber Party at Museum of Science and Industry Becomes 'Absolute Chaos'

A party at the Museum of Science and Industry to show appreciation for Uber drivers became 'absolute chaos.' John Morrison who was headed to the event shared his account with the Chicago Tribune:

The Chicago resident had been invited there by a friend who drove for the ride share company, which was hosting an appreciation party for employees at the museum at 6:30 p.m.

But before Morrison could even get near, he had to fight a free-for-all of traffic in the eastern part of Hyde Park. The worst of it was at the 57th Street and Cornell Drive merge, where Morrison said cars were going the wrong way and ended up facing other cars bumper to bumper. A bus drove north in the southbound lanes to bypass the traffic. Police cars scaled sidewalks as officers tried to direct frustrated drivers.

“It was just a disaster,” Morrison, 37, said. “I haven’t seen masses of humanity like this since I was at Woodstock ’99. … That many people going to one place is just dangerous.”

Things didn’t get much better once he made it inside the museum, almost an hour after hitting the congestion on Lake Shore Drive near the 53rd Street exit, he said. Morrison said the museum was “jampacked to the gills” and that caterers and museum employees appeared overwhelmed by the mobs of people heading toward the dinner buffet.

The invitation billed the evening as "one of Uber’s largest events ever.” It said the party was meant “to celebrate you — our incredible Chicago driver-partners.” Each driver was allowed three guests and each person was required to send an RSVP, according to the invitation, which also promised free parking.

Morrison’s friend who invited him said the breaking point was when someone working at the sign-in desk announced that all guests of Uber drivers were free to go inside without checking in.

Each driver was allowed three guests?! That seems like the problem to me. This sounds nuts?