Cardi B Performs in a Robe After Wardrobe Malfunction at Bonnaroo

Cardi B was performing at Bonnaroo when her jumpsuit ripped and she ended up performing in a bathrobe instead. Here are more details:

Cardi B suffered a major wardrobe malfunction on stage at Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival.

The 26-year-old rapper twerked so hard she ripped her multi-colored jumpsuit on her backside during her performance in Tennessee.

The star was gyrating in front of crowds when her zip split and gave onlookers a closer look at her derriere.

Cardi swiftly covered up and pulled on a robe to protect her modesty.

But she did not let the mishap stop her, and she proved to be a true professional by continuing her set.

Here's some of Cardi performing in her robe:

Here's the jumpsuit Cardi ripped: