Get Paid $10,000 To Relax By Hotel Pools This Summer will pay you $10,000 to be a poolhop for two weeks in August. You will explore pools all over the U.S.! With the summer we're having this would be GREAT. Here's some more:

What is a poolhop, you ask? Well, a poolhop is a thing one lucky person can be for two weeks this August while traveling to and reviewing six hotel pools across the U.S. For a $10,000 stipend, said poolhop will capture "gram-worthy, pool-inspired pics" to be shared on social media and the website. Hotel robe and fruity drink included.

The qualifications: enjoy water and hotels. Be at least 21 years old. Know how to take a good vacay photo. To apply, you just need to submit your name, Instagram handle, 100 words on why you would be the best poolhop, and a sample hotel pool review.

You can officially apply by clicking HERE. The last day to enter is June 25th.