James Holzhauer Donates Part of Jeopardy Winnings to Naperville Cancer Walk

James Holzhauer has donated some of his Jeopardy winnings to the Naperville Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk in honor of Jeopardy host Alex Trebek. USA Today covered the story:

"Jeopardy!" champion James Holzhauer made a donation to a pancreatic cancer research walk in his hometown in honor of Alex Trebek. 

"Jeopardy!" host Trebek announced in March he's battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. In May, the longtime host of the popular TV game show said he's in "near remission." 

Holzhauer donated $1,109.14, "For Alex Trebek and all the other survivors," to the Naperville Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk campaign page of Ann Zediker, a native of Naperville, Illinois, where Holzhauer used to live. 

The amount is a reference to Holzhauer's daughter's birthday: Nov. 9, 2014

Love this! It's nice to know James still has his hometown in mind despite not living there anymore.