New Study Says a Third of Women Have Had a "Foodie Call"

A new study says a third of women have had a 'foodie call' which means accepting a date from a man only for the free meal. Here's more:

Who says chivalry is dead? A new trend has emerged on the dating scene in which a person schedules a date with someone they aren’t really interested in, just to get a free meal. The tactic has been dubbed a “foodie call,” and while it sounds absolutely ridiculous at first consideration, new research reveals it is happening quite often.

Researchers at Azusa Pacific University and UC Merced had 357 heterosexual women answer a series of questions about their personalities, thoughts on traditional gender roles, and their personal foodie call histories. Interestingly, 33% of the participants admitted to engaging in at least one foodie call.

I love this new term. I can honestly say I've never done it though. I would feel too guilty! Have you had a 'foodie call'?