Only Post THIS Many Photos From Your Vacation According to New Study

A new study says you shouldn't post more than EIGHT photos from your vacation. Of course with the 4th of July next week, lots of you may be going on vacation so maybe keep this in mind? Here's more about the study:

Posting more than 8 vacation photos on social media is seen as ‘spamming,’ according to a new survey. The poll of 2,000 Instagram users found that rather than enjoying their friend’s travel snaps — followers are more likely to be annoyed by a deluge of pictures. And two thirds think seeing too many of someone else’s vacation snaps leaves them feeling like they are missing out. Despite this, the research revealed 54% do like to see friends’ vacation photos, with these getting the most engagement on Instagram.

I love seeing people's travel photos! I took a trip to Europe last summer and posted a bunch, but I'm now self conscious I posted too many! If you don't like to travel, I could see where they might be like looking at wallpaper.