New Website Allows You to Rent-a-Friend

A new website now allows those looking for a platonic companion to 'rent-a-friend.' Here's more:

Do you wish you had a partner to keep you motivated at the gym? Or, how about when you're shopping for the perfect outfit and need someone's opinion, rather than asking a random stranger (because you know their opinion doesn't matter) if the outfit looks good. Well, that no longer needs to be the case. is allowing you to find friends in your area. According to their website, it is not a dating site and is meant strictly for "platonic companionship".

Anyone can apply for only $24.95 per month plus the "friends" fee, which ranges from $10 - $50 per hour. Some may even waive the fee depending on the activity you choose.

I actually like this idea. But hopefully there's a vetting process for these new friends!